GNA's social responsibility actions contribute to strengthening trust and respect relationships with the communities close to our business. All social responsibility actions are the result of a constant dialogue with neighboring communities and arethought of how to develop them to preserve their history and lifestyle.

Job creation

The local labor force prioritization is a commitment adopted by GNA along with the local residents in the direct influence areas of the project. Currently, GNA’s project employs about 2,800 people. Throughout the construction phase GNA will generate approximately 4,500 direct jobs and 9,000 indirect jobs.

Professional Qualification Program

With the aim of the workforce developing and contributing to the São João da Barra city residents’ career evolution, GNA created, in partnership with Firjan Senai and São João da Barra municipality, the Professional Qualification Program.

The program offered 520 vacancies in professional courses in the area Civil Construction, Electricity, Mechanics, Logistics and Metallurgy areas. To best serve all the São João da Barra communities, the courses were held at different periods of the day and in different places in the city.

Environmental education

As a condition of its licensing, GNA develops an Environmental Education Program along with the workers and the service providers, as well as with the São João da Barra city population. The activities carried out seek to promote awareness, development and appreciation of sustainable practices and customs.

Dialogue with communities

GNA appreciates the transparent and permanent dialogue with the communities in the area of influence of its business and with its employees. For this, the company offers free and confidential communication channels with the communities for complaints, praise or suggestions. Talk to GNA. Just call 0800 591 2094 (Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) or Click this link

She can

In association with Rede Mulher Empreendedora, GNA sponsored the 'Ela Pode project'  (/She Can project/), aimed at women in the region. The purpose is to qualify women who seek to become entrepreneurs in the labor market, addressing topics such as female leadership, negotiation techniques, self-image and finances. The program was supported by workshops on employment, with activities aimed at developing curriculum and job interview techniques.

In its social performance, GNA appreciates the transparency and the close relationship with its local stakeholders, following high international standards established by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Learn more about the main social plans accomplished by GNA in our Transparency area.