One of GNA's differentials is its robust shareholding structure, made up of leading companies in their fields: Prumo Logística, Siemens AG, bp e SPIC Brasil.

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Prumo Logística, controlled by EIG Global Energy Partners, is responsible for developing Port of Açu - one of the main industrial port and energy generation projects in Brazil and where GNA is building its LNG-to-power complex. Prumo contributes to port infrastructure, project development, and integration.

Siemens AG made a capital investment and Siemens Energy* is responsible for supplying all systems and equipment on the plants' power island, as well as the O&M of the projects.

bp contributes to its global LNG portfolio by acting as an innovative and integrating LNG provider to supply GNA thermal plants.

SPIC Brasil brings all its experience in operation strategy and management of power generation in Brazil and, through SPIC Global, with a total installed capacity of about 151 GW over the world.

The partnership between the partners strengthens GNA's performance, by providing technology, technical and operational knowledge, as well as resources to develop and operate a world-class Gas and Energy Hub.

*In 2020, the Siemens Gas and Power business unit became independent from Siemens AG through a carve-out, giving rise to Siemens Energy