GNA is committed to ensuring security and transparency in the treatment of personal data of everyone involved in its activities (employees, suppliers, third parties, etc.), as provided for in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For us, safety, ethics, and transparency are values that we cultivate daily in the company and are described in our code of conduct (link).

See below in what circumstances GNA collects, treats, and shares your personal data. You will also find out here about the rights you have to the processing of your personal data.

Data collection: in what activities does GNA collect personal data?

The personal data used by GNA are collected to perform the following activities:

  • Access to GNA's operational and administrative units;
  • The internship program, young apprentice, and other hiring process;
  • Reporting channel; and
  • Assistance to communities where GNA develops its investments.

Besides, personal data is collected from employees, suppliers, and contractors. The treatment of these data is regulated in specific documents and provided to those involved.

What types of data are processed by GNA?


  • Registration data: GNA may process your registration data, such as name, address, date of birth, affiliation, and identification document number, if you visit the thermoelectric plants, participate in any program relationship with the community or register in a hiring process;
  • Contact information: GNA may process your e-mail and/or phone number to contact you about any matter involving your activities, or even regarding the progress of a hiring process;
  • Information available by you in your resume, in the recruitment and selection platforms or in the community relationship programs;
  • Information made available by you in interviews and in any tests carried out by GNA.


What is the purpose of processing and collecting personal data?

The collection and processing of personal data are carried out for legitimate, explicit, and specific purposes. Most personal information is provided directly by the holders, for one of the following reasons:

  • Get in touch during the course of our activities;
  • For safe browsing of our websites and applications;
  • To carry out our activities, receive and make payments and provide assistance; or
  • To perform regular activities with users of activities offered by GNA;

More information on the purposes and legal bases for collecting and processing this data can be found in the specific terms of each service.

GNA stores the evidence of consent (opt-in) expressed when such consent is considered, by the applicable privacy laws, essential for the processing of data. Thereby, if consent is revoked, evidence of such revocation is also stored.

What are the holders' rights in relation to their personal data?

The holder of the personal data has the following rights in relation to his data, as far as such rights are recognized by applicable laws:

  • Receive clear and complete information about the treatment of your personal data, including the chances of sharing it;
  • Request access to your personal data and / or confirmation of the existence of data processing;
  • Request rectification of any inaccurate, incomplete and outdated personal data;
  • Oppose processing activities, request anonymity or delete personal data, in specific circumstances;
  • Request the portability of your personal data;
  • Repeal consent at any time when GNA processes your personal data based on consent;
  • Request a review of automated decisions that may affect your interests.

You can request your rights by contacting us at

How do we guarantee the security of personal data?

GNA uses appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized or illegal treatment and against accidental loss, destruction, or damage.

Your personal data is securely stored on protected equipment. Only a limited number of people will have access to such equipment and only individuals with legitimate reasons will have access to their personal data.

How long is the data retained for?

Personal data is stored: (i) for the time required by law; (ii) until the end of the processing of personal data, as mentioned below; or (iii) as long as necessary to preserve the legitimate interest of GNA, as the case may be. Thus, we will treat your data, for example, during the applicable limitation periods or as long as necessary to comply with legal or regulatory obligations.

The ending of the processing of personal data will happen in the following cases:

  • When the purpose for which the personal data collected from the holder is achieved, or, when the data are no longer necessary or relevant to the achievement of such purpose;
  • When the holder of the personal data is in his right to request the end of the treatment and the deletion of his personal data and so request; and
  • When there is a legal determination in this regard;

In these cases of ending of the processing of personal data, except in the cases established by applicable law, such data will be eliminated immediately.

Communication channel

To contact the GNA Data Officer or for more information contact our email